Masters in Architectural Ornamentation
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Architectural Ornamentation

Made to order sculptures & decorative arts

Garden Ornaments

Classical columns and pilasters, cornices, mouldings, rosettes, wall panels, porticos, pergolas, balusters.

Fine garden statuary, urns, fountains, period benches and bird baths. 

We make your visions come true.


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Preservation, Consolidation, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Reproduction, Reconstruction of your historic architectural precast ornaments and art.


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Interior Decorative Precast
Interior Columns, Arches, Altar, Lec
Made to order fountain
Made to order sculptures
made to order exterior wall cladding
De La Salle University

A Tradition of Quality and Pride in Craftmanship

The House of Precast can trace its roots to the very origins of precasting in the Philippines.

Prominent architectural features such as the columns and entablatures of the Philippine Legislature, Manila Post Office, the churches of San Agustin and Santo Domingo, Manila Metropolitan Theater and the De La Salle University Building along Taft Avenue are just a few of the works of established sculptor Don Isabelo Tampinco and master artisan Inocencio de Leon.

Conrado de Leon, first son of Inocencio de Leon firmly established The House of Precast in 1950 after serving as apprentice in the shop of Vidal Tampinco, son of Don Isabelo Tampingco, and in the shop of National Artist Guillermo Tolentino thereafter. High standards of quality and the vast experience in the art of sculpture and ornamentation set the firm at the top of its class, adorning the gardens of Malacanang, New Manila and the mansions in Bacolod and Davao.

By the fifties and sixties, The House of Precast had branches in Escolta, Ermita, Angela Arcade and Davao. After a lifetime of high productive, non-stop work, C.G de Leon in his seventies began to take it easy. He was dubbed as the haute couture of reconstituted stone. 

Today, The House of Precast still maintains this tradition of quality and craftsmanship, armed with a design production staff that has been with the atelier for an average of 20 years, some being second and third generation artisans whose fathers and grandfathers had passed on their craft. The next generation continues the legacy, and the introduction of new materials and processes from Europe has brought The House of Precast to the standards of the 21st century, without jeopardizing the inimitable traditional process of design and execution, maintaining the highest of craftsmanship in Philippine Ornamental Art. 

We make your visions come true.

Send your design for a quotation.


We make your visions come true.

Send your design for a quotation.


Send your design or drawing for a quotation

We make your dreams and visions a reality

Be part of our team

We are currently looking for:

Architects/Civil Engineers

Admin Assistants

A graduate of any architecture or civil engineering course. 


Must be proficient in CAD and MS programs. Good freehand skill and knowledge in 3D is an advantage.

General office-work such as filing, bookkeeping and encoding. Must be computer savvy and knowledgeable with MS programs. 

Decorative Painters

Proficient in decorative painting and can exhibit a wide variety of techniques such as free-hand painting, and faux finishing.


Responsible for using a variety of techniques to create three-dimensional objects.


Materials to be used are clay, plaster and concrete.

Please send your resume/CV and position applied for to


Why join us?

You will be carrying on a Tradition of Fine Filipino Craftsmanship.

Reputation & Prestige 

We are a 60+ year old company that has maintained the culture of Traditional Filipino Craftsmanship and Quality. 

An ambitious career 

Be part of our team of innovators and visionaries that introduce new products and processes to Philippine Architecture.

Growth & Opportunities

We are committed to providing first class training and development for all our employees. Proven improvement, excellence and potential are definitely rewarded.


 Competitive financial rewards, excellent benefits, challenging projects and a culture of excellence. 

Family Company

Now at the 3rd Generation. We are a family company committed to maintaining a working environment that fosters values such as personal growth, and well-being for all employees.


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